Just Say “Merry Christmas”

Christmas greetings!

Last year at this time, as we approached the Christmas season, we learned just how far godless forces in our country would go to take God out of the public square.

Those forces orchestrated a very effective, multi-tiered plan to take Christ out of our Christmas.

·   Nativity scenes, long a tradition in so many town squares and city centers, were banned.

·   Retailers, fearing that they might offend the four percent of Americans who do not celebrate Christmas, deleted “Christ” and “Christmas” from their ads and in-store displays, from their greeting cards, and from the lips of their sales force.

·   The most egregious attack was on our schools.

Threatened by lawsuits from the ACLU, public schools across the land banned the singing of Christmas carols that were so much a part of our musical cultural heritage.  “Christmas Vacation” became “Winter Break.”  Decorations long associated with the celebration of Christmas were forbidden.  And students were denied their right to exchange Christmas greetings, or even pass out candy canes!

All of which, of course, was a violation of our First Amendment right to the “free exercise of religion.”  The U.S. Supreme Court has never ruled that public schools or government entities must cease any of those “banned” activities.

Nevertheless, last year the politically correct grinches had their way.  Outside our homes, our churches, and a few courageous retail establishments, they made it a bah, humbug Christmas.

This year can be different!

Let’s make a concerted, united effort to make this a very Christ-centered Christmas – in our homes and churches, yes, but also in the public square, including our schools.

Last year, one of the “courageous retailers” in greater Cincinnati was The Catholic Shop, owned by Dan Giroux and his wife, Jenn, who now is the newest member of CCV’s staff.  As a part of their celebration of the season, Dan and Jenn made available to their customers a festive wristband that encouraged Christians to “Just Say Merry Christmas.”  Their customers’ response was heartwarming, with orders being placed from all 50 states.

This year, we want to make those wristbands available to you.

Here at the CCV office, we’re already wearing ours.  The closer we get to Christmas, and the more hectic our schedules become, the more our wristbands prove to be a real blessing.

·   They remind us to keep our Christmas focus where it belongs – on Christ.

·   They have opened doors for us – doors of opportunity to talk about our faith in the Reason for the Season.

·   And they have reminded us to give thanks for living in a nation founded on principles set forth by the Christ, whose incarnation we celebrate.

Our hope is that these wristbands might have a similar affect on your life.

To cover the cost of the wristband and shipping, we’re suggesting a donation of $2.00.

If you wish to distribute the wristbands to friends or at your church, we have donation suggestions for quantity orders, also.

To order today, just give us a call, 513-733-5775, or click here.

But we must do more than wear our wristbands.  Together we must insist that our communities renew those Nativity traditions.  We must support those retailers who greet us with “Merry Christmas.”

And above all, we must be proactive in insisting that our children and our grandchildren in public schools have the opportunity to sing Christmas carols, to pass out candy canes and Christmas cards to classmates, and to speak without intimidation — in their school halls and classrooms — about their Christian faith.

The U.S. Supreme Court has been clear:  Students to not “shed their constitutional rights to freedom of seech or expression at the schoolhouse gate.”

Our friends at the Alliance Defense Fund have produced an easy-to-read, concise manual on how to protect your right to celebrate Christmas.  It gives you the facts you need to approach your community leaders or school officials with confidence.  Ask us to send you a copy when you order your wristbands.

This is a season when Americans for generations have come together to celebrate an event that is at the center of all history – the birth of Jesus Christ.  Let’s cherish and protect it.

May His peace and joy overwhelm you throughout this season and in the New Year.