Stop Senate Bill 1’s attack on non-profit groups

Dear Friend:

I’ve taken the liberty to forward a message from our friends at Focus on the Family regarding a very important issue that I need you to take action on. Thank you in advance for prayerfully doing so.

The U.S. Senate is considering a bill that would infringe on your right to free speech by making it extremely difficult for Citizens for Community Values, Focus on the Family and other pro-family groups to keep you updated on what politicians in Washington, D.C., are doing.

The new Democrat majority introduced S.1 in an effort to clean up the recent lobbying scandals in Washington. Much of the bill is good, but it contains a provision – Section 220 – that would severely limit your ability to voice your opinions on the important issues facing our country.

If S.1 passes with these outrageous provisions, communications from these groups, known as “grassroots communications,” will be tied up in miles of new red tape. These bureaucratic restrictions are clearly a concerted effort to insulate legislators from criticism. At the same time, Section 220 will allow member organizations like labor unions, trade associations and foreign corporations unregulated access to legislators.

The Senate leadership has fast-tracked this bill in an effort to keep you in the dark. It is crucial for you to voice your concern now, because if Section 220 remains intact, you could be left in the dark on pro-family issues from now on.

It is vital that you take this opportunity to express your outrage about Section 220. CCV has set up a web page to make this easy for you.

Thanks for standing up for our foundational freedoms.


Phil Burress, President
Citizens for Community Values