CDA: A few minutes of your weekend, to make a significant difference

It’s having an impact!

Earlier this week we sent you a message regarding Phase II of our Initiative Petition effort to pass the Community Defense Act, the proposed legislation containing two statewide regulations that will do so much to protect families in Ohio from the documented harms brought by sexually oriented business.

At the conclusion of our message, we provided a TAKE ACTION option, which allowed you to easily send a message of encouragent to your individual representative and senator in the Ohio Legislature.

Many who received our message were able to take that ACTION step. And, as I began, “It’s having an impact!”

As we met with legislators in Columbus this week, many of them mentioned the encouraging e-mails, letters and phone calls from constituents.  Nothing motivates respsonsible legislators more than contacts directly from their constituents!

We fully understand how busy the weekdays can be, and understand that you may not have been able to take even those few minutes away from family, church and work responsiblities.

If the weekend proves to be a little less hectic, may we again encourage you to take just a few minutes to let your Ohio representative and senator know how important you feel the Community Defense Act is to the health and safety of families in Ohio.

If you would like to review the history of the Community Defense Act, and this exciting Initiative Petition process, click HERE.

If you would like to go directly to our ACTION CENTER to send pre-composed or self-composed messages to your elected officials in Columbus, click HERE.

They need to hear from you!

Thanks for caring, and for taking the time to send this important message to your Ohio legislators.