Your action has had an impact!

Nothing motivates responsible legislators more than hearing from their constituents.

Thank you so much for sending your Ohio state representative and senator a message emphasizing the importantce of the Community Defense Act.

As we met with legislators in Columbus this week, many mentioned the encouraging e-mails and letters received from their constiuents.


The legislative process through which the Community Defense Act must travel during the allotted four months has just begun.

The pressure from lobbyists for the strip club industry has just begun.

We must make sure that the importance of this life-saving bill is stamped clearly and indelibly on the hearts and minds of our elected representatives in Columbus.

Can we ask you to take an additional step at this time?

Please forward this e-mail to all like-minded friends in your address book and encourage them to click on the link below so that they can learn about this important legislation and contact their legislators.

And continue praying that through the enactment of the Community Defense Act we can significantly reduce the havoc brought to so many individual lives, marriages and families by sexually oriented businesses.

Click HERE to learn about the Community Defense Act and take action!