Make your voice heard at Ohio Family Lobby Day

Grassroots Values in Defense of the Family

Wednesday, April 25, 2007 8:30am to 4:30pm

Riffe Center for Government and the Arts
77 South High Street,
31st Floor

Columbus, Ohio

Decisions are being made for you by your elected officials, on your behalf, and many times without your knowledge. The pornographers and strip bars have lobbyists. The abortionists have lobbyists. The homosexual activists have lobbyists. Are you willing to speak for the family?

Ohio Family Lobby Day will help you do this and will multiply our voices in defense of pro-family values in public policy. Meet with your elected officials and/or their staff face to face to make YOUR voice heard. Discuss issues and legislation of interest to the family that are pending or proposed to the Ohio General Assembly.

Your civic responsibility does not end with your vote on Election Day. You hired these men and women to represent you and your family. Now, they must be held accountable.

Issues and Legislation before the Ohio General Assembly

  • Covenant Marriage
  • Banning Homosexual Adoption & Foster Parenting
  • Total Abortion Ban
  • Community Defense Act (adult business regulations)
  • Abstinence Education Funding
  • Educational Vouchers
  • Racinos (video lottery terminals at race tracks)
  • Plus many more…

Receive training and information about the issues that concern you and your family. Meet like-minded concerned citizens who want to make a difference for such a time as this.

Attendees will be briefed on several issues being debated in the Ohio Legislature and then grouped with others from their home legislative districts for scheduled meetings with their own State Representatives and State Senators.

Registration costs

Adults ($25 each before 4/14/07, $35 after) . . . . . . . #_____ Total $: ______

Couples ($45 per couple before 4/14/07, $65 after) . .#_____  Total $: ______

Children ($10 each before 4/14/07, $20 after) . . . . . .#_____  Total $: ______

(cost covers materials for the issues briefing and lunch)

Send your registration information and check payable to:

Ohio Family Lobby Day
P.O. Box 506, Groveport, OH 43125-0506
Questions? Barry Sheets (614) 920-1490

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