Shell Oil Permits Playboy and Penthouse in Circle K Stores

Shell Oil Permits Playboy and Penthouse in Circle K Stores

Redefines “pornography,” reclassifies magazines.

For years Shell Oil Company’s contract with their independent retailers has stipulated that those retailers could not sell pornographic magazines.  They were not alone.  Thanks in large part to the persistent efforts of David Caton, Executive Director of Florida Family Association, all major oil companies have adhered to a policy of forbidding the sale of pornography in their retail stores, including the stores of independent operators.

When Caton discovered that Shell branded Circle K Stores were selling Playboy and Penthouse magazines, he asked Otto O.’Meyers, III, Shell’s National Operations General Manager, to enforce their no-pornography policy by insisting that Circle K stop selling the two magazines.

To Caton’s dismay, Meyer replied that Shell no longer considered Playboy and Penthouse pornographic, but “adult sophisticate” magazines and that, so classified, they were not covered by the article in their independent retailer agreements that forbids “the sale or display of materials with dominant themes of sex, nudity, prurient interest, or pornography.”

What a sad statement on the culture of this major corporation that their leadership no longer considers the hardcore sexual content of Penthouse and the explicit nudity of Playboy to be pornographic.

We are concerned that Shell Oil has made this change in their policy and has allowed Circle K Stores to sell magazines that are, in fact, clearly pornographic.  Additionally, we are concerned that other major oil companies will follow Shell’s lead and relax their rules regarding the sale of pornography in their retail outlets.

Purchasing magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse has triggered countless addictions that have led to the devastation of individual lives, marriages and families.  Please join us in voicing concern to the management of Shell Oil.

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