Tomorrow is a critical day for CDA and for the families of Ohio

Tomorrow is a critical day for CDA and the families of Ohio!

On Tuesday of last week, April 17, the Ohio Senate passed S.B.16, the Community Defense Act (CDA) by a vote of 24-8 and sent the bill to Speaker of the House Jon Husted (R-Kettering), requesting concurrence.

On this Monday, April 23, Speaker Husted – making good on his commitment to see that CDA  would receive fair and expeditious treatment once passed by the Senate – assigned the bill to the House Judicial Committee, chaired by Rep. Lou Blessing (R-Cincinnati).

Tomorrow, Thursday April 26, the Judiciary committee will hear sponsor, proponent and opponent testimony on the Community Defense Act.

It is our prayer that CDA will be voted out of committee tomorrow, making possible a vote on the floor of the House early next week.

CDA is the bill brought to the Legislature by a petition of 220,000 concerned voters…the bill that will greatly reduce the crimes (the prostitution, the illegal drug sales, the violent sex crimes) proven to be linked to sex businesses…the bill that will make Ohio communities safer places in which to raise our families.

CDA, and the likelihood of CDA passing into law, has sent the Buckeye Association of Club Executives (BACE) – the trade association of the strip club owners – on a rampage.  Joined by Ohio’s liberal media, they have attempted to paint CDA as a “free speech issue,” ignoring the obvious truth that obscenity and lewd behavior are not forms of protected speech.

They have attempted to paint our efforts to protect our communities as an attempt to “force our morals” on Ohio.

And they have tried to paint nude strip clubs and other sex businesses as safe places of entertainment, rather than as the hotbed of criminal activity that our courts have recognized them to be.

During the past few days we know that Speaker Husted, Rep. Blessing and all our Representatives have been inundated with e-mails from strip club owners and patrons.

We believe that Speaker Husted, Rep. Blessing and all our Representatives in the House will see that CDA receives a fair hearing.  In two previous sessions, the House of Representatives already has heard all the testimonies regarding the two regulations of CDA, and in both sessions they voted in favor of those regulations by an overwhelming bi-partisan majority.

But in the face of intense pressure from lobbyists hired by BACE and unfair, negative press from liberal media, our Representatives in the House deserve to hear our encouragement and support.

Please click the link below to send a message of support to Speaker Husted, Rep. Blessing and the representative from your district.  One simple click will deliver a pre-composed but editable message to all three.

Tomorrow is a critical day for CDA and thus for the families of Ohio.  And so the timing of your message is critical.  Please take just a moment to send a message – now.