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Community Defense Act Stalls in Committee

Your help is critical!

Yesterday, Wednesday May 9, the Judiciary Committee of the Ohio House of Representatives held its second hearing on Senate Bill 16, the Community Defense Act (CDA).

Prior to yesterday’s hearing, CCV’s staff had met with Committee Chairman Lou Blessing (R-Cincinnati) and other members of the Judiciary Committee.  We wanted to make sure that they understood the importance of CDA’s two statewide regulations on sexually oriented businesses as well as the sound constitutional basis underlying the proposed law.

Because Rep. Blessing wanted to be confident that all provisions of the bill not only were Constitutionally sound, but also had already withheld Federal Court scrutiny, we gave our stamp of approval to minor amendments that would not alter the bill’s effectiveness.

We had every reason to believe that CDA would be voted on and passed in yesterday’s hearing.

But that did not happen.

We now are concerned that CDA will be amended by the Committee in a manner which would render it ineffective in curtailing the prostitution, the illegal drug sales, and the numerous other crimes associated with strip clubs and other sexually oriented businesses.

The Judiciary Committee will meet again on Tuesday, May 14 at 10:00 A.M. to decide the fate of this bill.

The members of that committee must hear from you before that hearing.

By clicking the link below you can quickly send a message to all Committee Members encouraging them not to yield to pressure from lobbyists and the media and asking them to pass CDA immediately.

Please forward this request to a concerned friend.