CCV to Sex Business PAC: Cease and Desist


For Immediate Release
July 5, 2007

Contact: David Miller, Vice President, 513-733-5775

CCV to Sex Business PAC:  Cease and Desist!

Use of name, Citizens for Community Standards, infringes on trademark.

Cincinnati, OH – In a letter dated July 3, 2007, an attorney specializing in intellectual property and representing Citizens for Community Values, demanded that the sex business trade association collecting signatures to initiate a referendum on the recently enacted Community Defense Act (CDA), Senate Bill 16, cease and desist from use of the name “Citizens for Community Standards” in activities related to that effort.

When Sandy Theiss, spokesperson for the Buckeye Association of Club Executives, announced that the organization intended to initiate a referendum on Senate Bill 16, she advised that the political action committee formed to spearhead the referendum initiative would use the name “Citizens for Community Standards.”

CCV’s vice president of public policy, David Miller, said that the name clearly was selected because of its similarity to that of CCV, and was an attempt to “tie into the name and good reputation of CCV and thereby confuse the public.”

“These sex businesses know that the public does not support them,” said Miller, “and therefore are left with no other option but to deceive and mislead the voters of Ohio.”

He referred to an independent poll conducted in May, which showed that 65 percent of Ohio voters supported the regulations in Senate Bill 16.

The July 3 letter addressed to Julie Heffelfinger, Treasurer of Citizens for Community Standards PAC, states that use of the take-off name in the referendum campaign infringes on CCV’s trade name and trademark rights and represents a willful violation of federal law.

Senate Bill 16, which became the law in Ohio on June 4 but would not become effective until September 4, places two regulations on all sexually oriented businesses in Ohio in order to reduce the documented crimes associated with such businesses.