Strip Bar PAC Refuses to Stop Fraud and Deceit


For Immediate Release:  July 19, 2007

Contact: David Miller at (513) 733-5775

Strip Bar PAC Refuses to Stop Fraud and Deceit
Porn lawyer defends trademark violation, vows to continue with campaign

Cincinnati, OH – Evidently, there really is something about a name. Today, the political action committee (PAC) representing the strip bars and porn stores in an effort to kill statewide regulations on sex businesses recently passed by the Ohio General Assembly says it is refusing to change its name in spite of the fact that it is almost identical to the organization which helped put the law on the books.

The trademark infringement is being claimed by Citizens for Community Values (CCV), who says the sex industry trade group chose the name “Citizens for Community Standards” as a part of a planned campaign of fraud and deception.

“Any reasonable person can see through this plan, which includes the name, to deceive the voters of Ohio into buying something they don’t want,” says David Miller, CCV Vice President for Public Policy. “People signing the petition have said in radio interviews that they are being misled. Just look at the Statehouse News Bureau story from last week.

“If they are successful in getting on the ballot, they will further attempt to deceive Ohioans into voting against a law they actually want,” CCV says, pointing to a May statewide poll showing support for the regulations at 65%.

CCV’s attorney notified the strip bar PAC that the use of the similar name is a violation of their trademark and demanded they cease and desist from further use. “If they continue to use this name to advance their deceptive campaign, we will sue them and get the courts to force them to stop,” Miller says.

The PAC’s attorney has responded to the demand but claims no foul has occurred, pointing to other organizations using words similar to that of CCV’s.

CCV disagrees. “First, they probably shouldn’t have a porn lawyer trying to use Google and Yahoo searches on various group’s names to make an argument about trademark law,” Miller said. “Secondly, and more importantly, the reason the PAC is in violation and the others are not is because the strip bar PAC is marketing in the same field in which CCV operates, while the others don’t.”

“The fact is, the U. S. Patent Office has already approved the trademark of our name and the sex businesses of Ohio are violating the law by using a similar one to intentionally mislead the public.”