Ohio Supreme Court Upholds Marriage Amendment


For Immediate Release: July 25, 2007
Contact:  David Miller (513) 733-5775

Ohio Supreme Court Upholds Marriage Protections

Allows Domestic Violence Law and Amendment to Coexist

Cincinnati, OHThe organization which spearheaded the 2004 Marriage Protection Amendment to the Ohio constitution is hailing a decision handed down today from the Ohio Supreme Court, that upholds the purposes of the marriage amendment while keeping in tact state laws protecting individuals in domestic violence situations, as a victory for everyone concerned.

David Miller, Vice President of Public Policy for Citizens for Community Values (CCV), is calling it a WIN-WIN-WIN situation.

“First, the purpose of our involvement in this case was two-fold: (1) to protect the marriage protection amendment’s definition of marriage, which prohibits counterfeits like civil unions and domestic partnerships; and (2) to protect individuals from domestic violence,” Miller says. “This decision accomplishes both of those goals.”

Secondly, in other states like Arizona, Indiana, Florida, and California, where same-sex marriage advocates were arguing that amendments like Ohio’s would dismantle domestic violence laws, CCV says this argument now is moot and off the table in the public policy debate over marriage amendments. “Numerous organizations were attempting to dismantle marriage protection amendments, not only in Ohio but several other states as well, and the Court has gone out of its way to say NO.”

Finally, and most gratifying, Miller says, is the fact that the defense attorneys in this case lost. “These guys were looking for loopholes anywhere they could find them to get their client’s charges thrown out. This decision makes it very clear: victims of domestic violence deserve and will continue to receive the full protection of the law.”