July 31, 2007

From the Desk of Phil Burress
President of Citizens for Community Values
Citizens’ E-Courier · July 31, 2007

For years, many lodging facilities, including the nation’s largest chains such as Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt, have provided hardcore, pornographic movies to their guests through their in-room pay-per-view service.

Many of the movies that they make available not only are graphic and degrading, but also are prosecutable under state and federal obscenity laws.

To prevent men, women and children from being exposed to the dangerous, destructive environment created by the availability of such movies, CCV developed CleanHotels.com, a site through which folks can find and book facilities that do not offer in-room, ‘adult’ pay-per-view movies.

Currently we are involved in a campaign to expose the ‘root’ of the hotel problem – LodgeNet – the major supplier of graphic, hardcore movies to the nation’s hotels, and to encourage folks who understand the destructive and potentially criminal nature of these materials to appeal to the U.S. Attorney General to investigate LodgeNet for violation of federal laws against interstate distribution of obscenity.

To better understand the scope of this problem and our campaign, visit the Web site that we have developed, TruthAboutLodgeNet.com.

WARNING:  Some of the titles and descriptions on this site are not appropriate for children.

Must we learn the hard way?

The so-called enlightened counties in Europe like Sweden have been used as examples when they say that the United States is too restrictive on sexual conduct. All right, let’s take a look at Sweden, where restraints on sexual activity are virtually non-existent. First came the problem with chamber maids (women who clean the hotels rooms). Sexual assaults of these employees became such a problem that they had to start working in pairs and carried whistles to alert security of sexual attacks. The sex channels on their hotel room televisions were the primary contributing factor to this problem. Sweden’s government now prohibits its employees from staying in hotels that offer in-room pornography.

Now, just this week, Travelodge Hotels in the United Kingdom (but unfortunately not in the U.S.) announced that they are taking pornography out of all their hotels. Their announcement said that hardcore pornographic movies were inconsistent with their family-friendly image.

How bad must it get before we in the U.S. learn this lesson. How many victims must there be before we, as a society, admit that pornography IS a problem that affects all of us – and not a ‘private matter.’

This week we heard from a CCV friend who had been traveling in California.  He reported that the particular Marriott Hotel where he stayed actually offered 110 pornographic movie titles.  Judging from the titles, those 110 movies displayed every conceivable sexual perversion – from group sex to homosexual sex to violent sex.   Did I say a Marriott Hotel?  Those facilities led by a devout Mormon and advertised as family-friendly?  Sadly, yes.  The Marriott Corporation, like so many other major chains, is among the nation’s largest distributors of hardcore, pornographic movies.

It’s not too late!

Early-bird discount on Washington Briefing Tour extended to August 3

“Two of the most exhilarating, educational and encouraging days I’ve ever spent!”

That’s how longtime CCV Board member Dr. Ron Meeks described last year’s Washington Briefing Values Voter Summit, sponsored by FRCAction.

This year’s event – and the tour that CCVAction has planned in connection with the Briefing – offer even more.

By sending in your registration to CCVAction by this Friday, August 3rd, you’ll save $25 on each Briefing registration.

“At no other event,” says Meeks, “will you find more of the nation’s most respected, conservative political analysts and commentators or top-ranking, like-minded elected officials and candidates.”

CCVAction’s Tour Package, which again offers free transportation to and from D.C., has been expanded by one day so that participants can take advantage of a free, private “Spiritual Heritage Tour” of the U.S. Capitol plus other educational and sight-seeing opportunities.  The luxury motor coaches will depart from various points in Ohio on Wednesday, October 17 and return Sunday, October 21.

For all the Briefing and tour details plus registration information, visit www.CCVAction.org
Attention Hamilton County residents!

The unborn children of Hamilton County need your help.

On Wednesday, August 1st the agreement for the use of funds from the Hamilton County Health and Hospitalization Levy for indigent care will come before the Board of County Commissioners for approval.  In the past, language has been included which prohibited the use of tax dollars for the provision of abortion related services.  This year, with a new liberal majority on the Board of Commissioners, the language has been removed from the draft agreement, opening the door for taxpayer funded abortions.

It is extremely important that our voices be heard on this critical issue.  Contact Commissioners Todd Portune and David Pepper and tell them that you don’t want your tax dollars to fund abortion.