August 2, 2007

From the Desk of Phil Burress
President of Citizens for Community Values
Citizens’ E-Courier Update · August 2, 2007

Abortion Prohibition returned to Hamilton County indigent care contract

DeWine offers anti-abortion resolution

On Tuesday of this week we asked for your assistance in an urgent matter.  The agreement for the Hamilton County Health & Hospitaliztion Levy for indigent care was scheduled to come before the Board of County Commissioners on the following day, Wednesday, August 1.

Commissioner Pat DeWine brought it to our attention that language, which prohibited the use of tax-payer dollars for the provision of abortion related services — language that had been in the agreement for the past ten years — was absent from this contract.  We asked that you join us and other pro-family organizations in petitioning Commissioners Todd Portune and David Pepper to return that anti-abortion language to the contract.

Thank you!

Thank you for joining many other Hamilton County residents in expressing your concern.  Commissioners Portune and Pepper announced that the prohibition on abortion funding would be returned to the contract before passage.

Both commissioners denied responsibility for removal of the abortion prohibition from the new contract.

In that case…

In order to protect the county from any similar oversight in the future, and to establish a clear policy with respect to abortion funding, at Wednesday’s Board meeting, Commissioner DeWine proposed a Resolution that “no County funds shall go directly or indirectly to pay for abortion, abortion related procedures, or abortion related services.”

The resolution was not advanced because neither Commissioner Portune or Commissioner Pepper would second it.  Commissioner Portune then asked that the resolution be tabled and suggested that Commissioner DeWine bring it up again at a future meeting.  The reasoning given was that the Commission majority did not want to proceed without making sure that the resolution was not in violation of existing law.

The resolution will be scheduled to be introduced again for passage at the August 15th meeting of the Board of County Commissioners at 9:30 AM.

Please send Commissioner Portune and Pepper a message encouraging them to vote for passage of the resolution to permanently ban the use of county funds for abortion or abortion related services or procedures.

Commissioner Todd Portune
Office:  (513)946-4401
Fax:  (513)946-4446

Commissioner David Pepper
Office:  (513)946-4409
Fax:  (513)946-4407

And again, thank Commissioner Pat DeWine for his diligence in protecting the most vulerable of our citizens.

Commissioner Pat DeWine
Office:  (513)946-4405
Fax:  (513)946-4404