Exposing the Nation’s Largest Hotel Pornographer

Exposing LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation

The Nation’s Largest Provider of Hotel Hardcore Pornography

Pro-family leaders are calling for the prosecution of Sioux Falls, SD-based LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation as a major provider of hardcore pornography.

For Immediate Release
August 7, 2007

Contact: Phil Burress, CCV President – (513) 733-5775
David Miller, CCV Vice President Public Policy – (513) 733-5775
Chris Hupke, South Dakota Family Policy Council President –
(605) 335-8100

Exposing LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation

The Nation’s Largest Provider of Hotel Hardcore Pornography

Sioux Falls, SD – On August 9, Citizens for Community Values (CCV), in conjunction with and at the request of South Dakota Family Policy Council (SDFPC), will hold a press conference in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to expose the Sioux Falls-based LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation as a major provider of prosecutable hardcore pornography.  The press conference will begin at 10:30am at Shriver’s Square, 230 S. Phillips Avenue in Sioux Falls.

A key component of this campaign, one which already has drawn national attention, is the Web site TruthAboutLodgeNet.com.

To point Sioux Falls residents to the site, a strategically placed billboard and a series of ads on local radio stations have been developed. The radio ads are also running in other states and will continue to be distributed nationwide. (Click here to listen to the ads: Porn Hurts Us All and Policing Porn.)

At the August 9 press conference, the two groups will publicly encourage the U.S. Attorney for South Dakota to investigate LodgeNet for violation of federal law that prohibits interstate transportation of obscene pornography.

CCV’s president, Phil Burress, notes that industry experts estimate that more that 50 percent of LodgeNet’s profits from in-room movie sales are from the hardcore pornographic movies.

“We will debunk some of the myths about selling hardcore pornography,” said Burress.  “Obscene pornography is not protected speech, and selling pornography to as many as 1.8 million hotel rooms in nearly every community in America is not a ‘privacy’ issue.  Pornography is not a ‘victimless crime.'”

CCV will also provide an alternative, CleanHotels.com, for those who do not want to stay in hotels that sell pornography.  A recent survey of Sioux Falls hotels revealed that 50 percent sell in-room pornography.

At the press conference, SDFPC will present a plan to upgrade South Dakota’s obscenity law. Additionally, the South Dakota group will announce an effort to pass a statewide law to regulate all sexually oriented businesses.

“The recent opening of a new sex business near Sioux Falls has brought increased attention to the need for such a law,” said SDFPC’s executive director Chris Hupke.  “Other states have enacted similar laws, the courts have upheld them, and the time has come for South Dakota to follow suit.”

Participating in the August 9 event will be retired FBI agent Roger Young and former Los Angeles Police Officer/Investigator Bob Navarro, both of whom spent most of their careers investigating pornography-related crimes .  Young will explain federal law, while Navarro will present the findings of a recent investigation of the material that LodgeNet is selling. Much of his findings, including the 110 pornographic titles offered at a single LodgeNet-supplied Marriott hotel, and descriptions of several of the movies, can be found by clicking here. WARNING – titles and descriptions are very offensive.