YES on Issue 1: Full Steam Ahead!

“Grassroots” = You!

Please do not be misled!

Many of you no doubt have read media reports this week about the referendum petition circulated by the owners of Ohio’s sexually oriented businesses in their effort to repeal the recently enacted Community Defense Act (CDA). (What is this law?)

We knew, and had tried to warn citizens, that the sex industry’s signature collection effort was driven by deceptive messages.  We now know that the extent of their fraud was even greater than we had imagined.

On September 3rd, one day prior to the day on which the new law was scheduled to go into effect, the sex industry delivered to the Secretary of State’s office petitions that contained over 383,000 signatures.  In order to prevent the law from going into effect and force it onto our November ballot, they needed only 241,000 valid signatures of registered voters.

Based on the tally of 383,000 submitted signatures, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, in accordance with the state constitution, “stayed” the law and then sent the petitions to the 88 county boards of election for validation.

The results are in.

On Monday of this week, Secretary of State Brunner announced that of those 382,000 signatures submitted, less than 126,000 actually were valid.  Two out of every three signatures submitted were invalid! Signatures were marked invalid for reasons ranging from obvious forgeries, to petition circulators who had felony criminal records, to “signatures” of persons who were deceased. (See the Secretary of State’s official notice and a county by county report.)

However, that does not mean that CDA will not appear on the November ballot.  The battle is far from over!

The constitution allows the petitioners an additional 10 days to collect supplemental signatures to replace the invalid signatures.  When you add to that the 10 or more days that could be necessary for county boards of election to validate the supplemental signatures, it could well be mid-October before we know, for sure, whether CDA will be on the ballot.

Meanwhile, we must proceed as if CDA will be on the ballot.

The sex business owners certainly aren’t waiting.  They are planning a multi-million dollar, multi-media ballot campaign aimed at misleading voters as to the real effect of the law and confusing voters as to how to vote to keep CDA on the books.  Media sources have advised that the sex industry has committed to a $5 million investment in TV advertising alone.

Absentee ballots already have been prepared for mailing, and they include the CDA question as Issue 1.

We cannot match the funds that the cash-rich sex industry will spend to repeal CDA.

But they cannot match the power of an effective grassroots effort!

Between now and Election Day our staff will be on the road continuously, with volunteer meetings already held or scheduled in 41 counties, which represent 80 percent of the state’s total population.  During the days, we’ll meet with civic groups, church leaders and media.

We – that is, Citizens for Community Values and the poltical action commitee we have formed, Yes On Issue – cannot — on our own — be victorious in this grassroots campaign.

We can only provide the tools with which you – and thousands of other concerned citizens throughout the state – can be victorious in this critical campaign for the family.

You’ll find those action tools on the special Web site that we have designed for this campaign,

Please go there today and click on Action Steps.

Finally, begin the process now by forwarding this message to everyone in your address book.

Thanks for your partnership!