Issue 1 Action Steps


As we reported last week, the Yes On Issue 1 campaign is proceeding – full steam ahead!

The sex business owners’ first turn-in of referendum petitions confirmed just how fraudulent their signature collection effort has been.  Less than one out of every three signatures submitted was valid. But they have been continuing to circulate their petitions since that first submission on September 3rd, and they have until Friday, October 5th, to collect enough valid signatures to place the Community Defense Act (CDA) on our November ballot.  It will be mid-October before we know whether they are successful.

We must assume that CDA will be on the ballot as Issue 1. Absentee ballots are being sent out now, and they include Issue 1.  Secretary of State Jennifer Bruner has advised all county boards of elections to print their ballots with Issue 1.

We must proceed “full steam ahead” because the sex business owners are planning a multi-million-dollar, multi-media campaign that will be as deceptive as their petition drive – and on a much grander scale!

Whereas we do not have millions to spend on a media campaign, we do have a network of concerned citizens who are dedicated to doing whatever they can – to stop the documented crimes, to stop the devastation of individual lives, to stop the objectification of women, and to stop the breakdown of marriages and families – caused by unrestrained sexually oriented businesses in our communities.

We know the power of an effective grassroots campaign.  Recall the 2004 Marriage Protection Amendment campaign.  Recall last year’s anti-legalized-gambling campaign.

But a successful grassroots campaign requires everyone of us doing his/her part!

Following is a list of ACTION STEPS that each one of us can take to make sure that this law, passed by 75 percent of our legislators in May, remains on the books in Ohio.  These ACTION STEPS do not require a significant investment of time.



(What you can do to make sure that common-sense regulations stay on the books.)

1.      Familiarize yourself with all the facts – log on to

2.      Make sure that CCV has your e-mail address so that we can keep you up-to-date.  Go to “Sign up” at

3.      Review our church bulletin insert.  Contact churches in your area and ask if they will pass out these inserts.  If the answer is yes, find out the average attendance, then call us (513-733-5775) with all the mailing information so that we can mail the bulletins. (NOTE:  These bulletin inserts are legally safe to use in churches and non-profits. Click here to see a letter from the Alliance Defense Fund.) Click on the bulletin to the right to see the full insert. 

4.      Call your elected officials and law enforcement personnel and ask them to publicly support Issue One.  Call prosecutors, sheriffs, township trustees, council members, and mayors.

5.      Yard signs: Have them made locally. They should read, “Reduce Crime -YES ON ISSUE 1”

6.      Using the facts and sample letters on our Web page, write letters to your local papers.

7.      Call your friends and neighbors and make sure that they get out to vote on November 6 – and know to vote YES on Issue 1.

8.      Go to to see our Election Day handout.  Make copies and hand them out at the polls on November 6.

9.      Keep us informed!  Send us copies of your letters to editors, and let us know how you are doing.  E-mail us at
10.  Pray! This step really should be first!

  • Pray for men, women, children and families devastated by addiction to sexually oriented businesses.

  • Pray for women trapped in this industry.

  • Pray for women sold into this industry as victims of human trafficking.

  • Pray for the owners of sexually oriented businesses.

Pray that sufficient people will understand this issue, and…