October 12, 2007

From the Desk of Phil Burress
President of Citizens for Community Values
Citizens’ E-Courier · October 12, 2007

Ohio’s Secretary of State is expected to announce on Monday, October 15, the results of the validation work underway by the County Boards of Elections on the petition efforts of Ohio’s sex businesses. Consequently, as of this moment, it still is uncertain whether the sex business owners’ attempt to repeal the Community Defense Act will qualify for the November 6 ballotl  We must, therefore, proceed as if Issue 1 will qualify for the ballot. We must continue to tell all our friends and family that the correct vote on Issue 1 will be YES!  That’s YES to keep Sub. S.B.16, the Community Defense Act, on the books in Ohio.

Preliminary word from some county boards of elections is that the validation rates on the supplemental petitions are worse than those turned in earlier, and that in some counties, convicted felons again were hired illegally to help with the effort. We also have been made aware of other state laws that appear to have been broken.  We will be in the Secretary of State’s office to examine their petitions next week and will file protests if necessary.  However, again, we must at this point proceed as if Issue 1 will qualify for the ballot.

Your help is critical.  Please acquaint yourself with our campaign website, Yes On Issue One.com, so that you not only will understand the ballot but also can help others vote correctly. This week our office has received many calls from friends fiilling out their Absentee Ballots.  Already there is confusion as to the correct vote to keep CDA on the books.

Finally, if you haven’t already, order your church bulletins inserts today. We are creating a log of every church and the number of bulletins needed, and will mail them as soon as we know that Issue 1 has qualified for the ballot.

Please help us reach more readers by forwarding this e-mail others. If they like what they see, they can sign up to receive our e-mails directly. Together, I believe we can truly make a difference!


Over $1 million in porn money spent to date on signatures

From the beginning, I knew that passing statewide legislation to regulate the sex businesses wouldn’t be easy. They have fought it every step of the way. Whether you’re trying to protect your community at the state or local level, it will always be difficult. And, believe me, it has been difficult for the past 5 years as we have worked toward passage of the Community Defense Act.  Hopefully, praise God, we’re on the verge of seeing the fruit of our labor.

During hearings on Ohio’s Senate Bill 16 – the Community Defense Act – sex businesses repeatedly stated they would not agree to any regulations. Ohio’s sex businesses are fighting hard to get this law off the books. Evidently, the porn industry outside Ohio sees CDA as a threat as well.

Click here to see the sex business owners’ latest financial report filed with the Secretary of State for monies spent in collecting signatures on the referendum effort. Thier list of donors and dollars says a lot.

Remember, VOTE YES ON ISSUE 1 to keep the Community Defense Act on the books in Ohio, and to reach out to so many individuals, families and communities suffering as victims of sexually oriented businesses.