Urgent Election Update: Vote Yes on Ohio’s Issue 1

From the Desk of Phil Burress
President of Citizens for Community Values

Please join me in voting YES on ISSUE 1. Let’s get the word out!

Protect your family and community
Vote YES on ISSUE 1 November 6

Many of you have been following the progress of the Community Defense Act, Ohio’s new state law that regulates sexually oriented businesses. This is an URGENT ELECTION UPDATE on the latest developments that REQUIRES YOUR ATTENTION.

The sex businesses in Ohio are trying to get rid of Sub. Senate Bill 16. They attempted to collect signatures to place the legislation on the ballot and get voters to vote no, thereby taking the law off the books. To date, they have failed.

Although Ohio’s Secretary of State notified them on October 17 that their signature effort was insufficient to qualify them for the ballot, there has been no official State notice given to the County Boards of Elections to remove the issue from ballots before the November 6 election.

Due to pending litigation before the Ohio Supreme Court attempting to qualify a large number of the invalid and fraudulent signatures, there is still the slightest possibility that the issue could qualify for an official vote.

Until there is a final word on this, we are encouraging everyone to keep working to get the word out that a YES vote on ISSUE 1 is the pro-family vote to protect your family and community from the harms of sexually oriented businesses. Let’s keep a good law on the books and in force. (To learn more about the Community Defense Act, Sub. Senate Bill 16, click here.)
Click here to view the church bulletin.

Even with the uncertainty of Issue 1 due to the pending court cases, many churches will be distributing church bulletins on Sunday, November 4. This simple bulletin places the ballot issue in perspective for voters and helps them understand what a YES vote on ISSUE 1 will accomplish.

We are providing these bulletins to churches free of charge. Please contact us through our website or by phone at (513) 733-5775. It is urgent that you get the word out this Sunday. Don’t hesitate. Contact CCV today to request your bulletins. You can view a sample by clicking here.

There is also a letter to Ohio pastors from the Alliance Defense Fund, a legal organization defending the rights of churches to discuss the moral issues of the day, which explains the legal authority for churches to distribute the bulletins.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this and for your commitment to protect your family and community from the harms of sexually oriented business. Remember, a YES vote on ISSUE 1 is the pro-family vote.