Let There Be No Confusion: Issue 1 Removed From Ballot

Issue 1 will appear on ballots, but votes will not count.

The referendum on Sub. S.B.16, the Community Defense Act (CDA), is now officially dead.  CDA therefore remains in effect.

On Thursday evening, November 1, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner issued a directive to the county boards of elections instructing them to remove State Issue 1 from their ballots.

The ballots that will be handed to all Ohio voters tomorrow, Tuesday, November 6, were printed weeks ago and therefore will show State Issue 1, the referendum on CDA.  However, the Secretary of State’s directive instructed county boards of elections to post a notice in every polling booth advising voters that Issue 1 votes will not count.

The directive further instructed boards to reprogram voting machines not to tabulate Issue 1 votes.

The Community Defense Act, Sub.S.B.16, therefore remains in effect and is enforceable.

Phil Burress, president of Citizens for Community Values (CCV), said that he was thankful that there finally was an end to all the confusion.

“This is a victory for the families of Ohio,” said Burress.  “Years ago the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that communities have the right to regulate sexually oriented businesses in order to reduce the crimes associated with such businesses.  This year our elected representatives in both the Ohio House and Senate worked together to give us a constitutionally sound law that will go a long way toward that goal of reducing crime. With the sex industry’s referendum effort behind us, citizens now should begin to look to local officials to implement enforcement.”

Visit Ohio Election Central before  you vote.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 6, is Election Day.  From city mayors to township trustees to school board members – the persons elected to office tomorrow will make decisions that directly affect our everyday lives. As citizens of this great nation and state, being an informed voter is perhaps our most basic privilege and responsibility.

To help all Ohioans fulfill this responsibility, Citizens for Community Values sent values questionnaires to every candidate running for public office in Ohio.  Before voting tomorrow, visit OhioElectionCentral.com, to review the answers of all candidates who returned their questionnaires.