Send Gov. Strickland a message in support of Abstinence Ed

Today, Thursday, November 29 at 10:00AM, hundreds of pro-life and Abstinence Until Marriage advocates will gather at the State Capitol Atrium in Columbus to deliver a message to Gov. Ted Strickland:

We want our children to be exposed to the truth that it is in their best interest — physically, emotionally and spritually — to abstain from sex until marriage!

Since taking office, Gov. Strickland has hacked away at Abstinence Education in Ohio’s schools, refusing free federal funds for abstinence education in favor of less comprehensive programs that do not provide instruction to help students make the choice to develop healthy relationships and wait until marriage to have sex.  He quietly abolished the abstinence education office for Ohio.

Please click the link below to send Gov. Strickland a message today to encourage him to restore funding for abstinence education for Ohio’s teens.

Then forward this e-mail to family and friends!

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