Urgent: Ultrasound Bill Scheduled for Possible Vote Tomorrow

Urgent:  Ultrasound Bill Scheduled for Vote Tomorrow

Contact your Ohio Representative

The Ultrasound Viewing Option Bill, H.B.314, is scheduled for a possible vote in the Ohio House Health Committee tomorrow, Wednesday, December 12.

If the bill passes the committee, it is expected to be voted on by the full Ohio House later the same day.

Sponsored by Rep. Shannon Jones (R-Springboro), H.B. 314 would require that, if an ultrasound examination is performed prior to or during an abortion, the abortionist must give the woman an opportunity to view the active ultrasound image of the unborn child and an opportunity to receive a physical picture of the ultrasound image.


Ultrasounds provide scientifically accurate information that women should have an opportunity to view in order to make a more informed decision about abortion.

Seeing those live images of the human lives growing within them has touched the hearts of many abortion-bound women and has saved the lives of many unborn children.

Please contact your State Representative NOW and urge him or her to vote for H.B.314, the Ultrasound Viewing Option Bill.

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