Gov. Strickland line-item-vetoes Human Cloning Ban

Clone-and-kill will be allowed under economic stimulus package.

The majority of Ohioans strongly oppose human cloning – the creation and subsequent destruction of human embryos for research purposes.

When the Ohio Senate considered H.B. 554, an economic stimulus bill that will provide one hundred million dollars in appropriations for grants and loans for biomedical research and products, Sen. Steve Buehrer (R-Delta) offered an amendment that would ban the use of those funds for activities involving human cloning.

The Senate voted to pass that Human Cloning Ban amendment.

A joint conference committee also voted to pass the Human Cloning Ban and sent the H.B. 554 – with the Ban – to Governor Strickland to sign into law.

On Thursday of last week, Governor Strickland line-item-vetoed the Human Cloning Ban amendment!

That is tragic.

Governor Strickland would sacrifice nascent human life in order to boost Ohio’s economy.

Please click below to send Governor Strickland a message expressing your dismay and disappointment in his unethical decision.

All human life is precious and deserves protection under the law.  Let Governor Strickland know that you support the Human Cloning Ban.