Attention Speaker Pelosi: Let our oil flow!

CCV is a “pro-family” organization – an organization concerned about the well-being of America’s families.

Under the large umbrella of pro-family concerns, CCV historically has focused on the breakdown of  families resulting from the proliferation of pornography, sexually oriented businesses and other aspects of our sexualized culture.  Such issues continue to be at the core of our mission.

However, we would be remiss to avoid addressing an issue that is directly and severely impacting American families today:  the nation’s dependence on foreign oil. For some families the high price of oil – which affects not only the price of gasoline but also virtually every other commodity – is still at the level of inconvenience.  Less expendable income.  A scaled-down vacation.

But to a growing number of our families, the high price of oil has brought real hardship.  To many it has meant, or will mean, the loss of jobs, loss of homes, and postponement or neglect of needed medical care.

At long last, many in Congress are ready to stop bowing to the powerful lobbyists of the environmaniacs (see today’s article in the Wall Street Journal for a definition of that term), and are ready to address the necessity of drilling off-shore (off our shores!) as part of a long-term policy toward energy independence.

An intelligent long-term policy certainly requires seriously working toward alternative energy sources. But just as certainly it involves recognizing that at the present, and for many years to come, ours is an economy driven by oil.  Our economic health and our national security demand that kind of a rational, two-pronged approach.

Some in Congress, though, still seem to be determined to bring our nation to its knees.

Last Friday, when conscientious members of the U.S. House of Representative were scheduled to speak in realistic terms on the issue of America’s energy crisis, how did Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) respond?

So afraid was she of an up-or-down vote on offshore drilling, that she slammed her gavel to end the session, turned off the microphone, sent C-SPAN home, and kicked reporters out of the Speaker’s lobby.

But her unprecedented, dictatorial action backfired.

Each day this week – a week that was to have marked the beginning of summer vacation for representatives – many of our congressmen and women have stayed in D.C., keeping the House open to protest Pelosi’s action and to force a vote to lift the ban on off-shore drilling.


Call Speaker Pelosi at 415-556-4862 and urge her to allow a vote on offshore drilling – now!

Then, click the link below to contact your representative and encourage him or her to make America more energy-independent by voting to lift the ban on off-shore drilling.


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