September 24, 2008

From the Desk of Phil Burress
President of Citizens for Community Values

Citizens’ E-Courier · September 24, 2008

It’s our battle!  Three state marriage issues will impact the nation!

You know that marriage – the union of one man and one woman that God ordained, and that has been the foundation of every thriving society since the beginning of civilization – is under attack in America.

The high courts of Massachusetts and California – both by a 4-3 vote – already have forced same-sex marriage on Americans.

On November 4th the people of California will vote to reverse the decision of those four out-of-control justices and stop same-sex marriage in that state by embedding the true definition of marriage in their state constitution, as Ohioans did in 2004.

Also on November 4th, Florida and Arizona will vote to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

With so many critical races on Ohio’s ballot this November, why am I talking to you about ballot issues in California, Florida and Arizona?

Because those three state ballot issues place the institution of marriage at risk – for all Americans.

The legal chaos that would result from same-sex couples continuing to marry in California could result in as many as eleven states immediately being forced to accept same-sex marriages. Same-sex couples will travel from other states to marry in California and then return to their states of residence to demand recognition of their marriages there. Although approximately 70 percent of Americans oppose same-sex marriage, this distortion of marriage could be forced on all of us.

And it doesn’t stop there. With the redefinition of marriage, religious liberty and freedom of expression as it has been since the founding of this country will be changed forever.

Think about it:

  • All public schools would be forced to teach that same-sex marriages and same-sex relations are normal and healthy.
  • Churches would be forced to perform same-sex marriages or risk losing their tax-exempt status – at the least.
  • Expression of moral objections to homosexuality and same-sex marriage would be considered, and penalized, as a hate crime.

Due to the centrality of marriage and the importance of these three state ballot issues I have spent much of my time during the past several weeks in strategy meetings with state and national leaders organizing get-the-vote-out campaigns.

One important tool stemming from those meetings is a new Web site, which I urge you to visit:

Join us in daily prayer for the marriage votes in California, Arizona and Florida.

See how else you might support these critical issues.

Visit — today!

This is our battle!

It’s a unique opportunity, and it’s happening next week!

Hear David Barton and Bob McEwen together.

We Americans live in a unique time and place in the history of Christianity.  Never before has a nation enjoyed for so long a period the freedoms that we Americans take for granted.  Those freedoms are ours today because the men and women who founded this country, and the foundational documents that they set in place, were firmly and unashamedly grounded in Biblical principles and values.

What is left of that foundation?  How long will God’s protective hand remain over America?  What can we do to restore Biblical principles to our nation?  How does the so-called “separation of church and state” fit into all of this?

The answers to these questions are among the topics that will be addressed during a 6-city tour featuring two of America’ most sought-after speakers.

In his fast-paced, captivating style, David Barton, noted American historian, author and founder of WallBuilders, will address the true historical and Biblical role of Christians in civil government, and the uniquely Christian heritage of our nation.

With his insider’s perspective, former six-term U.S. Congressman from Ohio Bob McEwen will expose trends in our culture and government that are undermining that heritage.

Together, they deliver a convicting challenge that our call to be “salt and light” in this culture equals a mandate to become a part of the process of restoring this nation to its foundation Biblical values.

Sponsored by Citizens for Community Values and six of Ohio’s favorite Christian radio station, this free motivational, educational and patriotic event will be presented in –

Cincinnati and Dayton, Monday, September 29
Springfield and Columbus, Tuesday, September 30
Toledo and Cleveland, Wednesday, October 1

For details on specific locations and times, click here.

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