January 9, 2009

From the Desk of Phil Burress
President of Citizens for Community Values

Citizens’ E-Courier · January 9, 2009

CDA upheld again, Obama nominees, library settles suit

Ohio law regulating strip bars and porn stores remains in force

Judge Solomon Oliver, Jr. in U.S. District Court in Cleveland, OH has once again rejected claims by the porn industry and has allowed Ohio’s statewide law regulating sexually oriented businesses – the Community Defense Act (CDA) – to remain in force. This is now the third time the industry’s claims have fallen on deaf ears.

In the decision, Judge Oliver wrote that the Plaintiffs continue to fail to make persuasive arguments regarding:

  1. First Amendment infringements;
  2. Irreparable harm from the law relative to their economic losses, loss of years of goodwill [whatever value that could have], market share, and customer patronage;
  3. That the law is unconstitutionally overbroad; and
  4. That the law is impermissibly vague.

On every one of the these points, over and over again, the court found that the State’s arguments were well taken, were favored by the Judge, were well-taken, and “that the public interest is served in combating secondary effects [increase in crime, etc.] resulting from sexually oriented businesses.”

NOTE TO FILE: ‘3 strikes and you’re out’ doesn’t apply to pornographers. They just don’t give up very easily. It’s a cash rich industry (largely unreported and untaxed) and they will continue to fight despite what District and Appellate and U.S. Supreme Court cases say to the contrary.

Obama nominates another radical liberal to the Department of Justice

In our most recent Citizens’ Courier newsletter we highlighted several of President-elect Barack Obama’s cabinet and advisory staff appointees. Those appointments soundly refute the 44th president’s campaign promise to govern from the middle.

During the campaign he promised diversity in his cabinet. In reality, he has delivered diversity in physical characteristics only. With respect to ideology and agenda, his appointments display absolute uniformity. To read our Courier article, “No Room for Dissent,” click here.

Obama’s most recent appointment to the Department of Justice (DOJ) is no exception. Like three of his soon-to-be colleagues in the DOJ, Thomas Perrelli is a former Clinton appointee. In 1997 Perrelli served as counsel to Attorney General Janet Reno. He subsequently rose to Deputy Assistant Attorney General.

Perrelli probably is best known in Washington circles as the right-to-kill lawyer who represented Terri Schiavo’s husband pro-bono in his suit to euthanize his wife. As third in command at the DOJ, the probability of Perrelli’s involvement in right-to-life and end-of-life issues is great.

Perrelli raised over $500,000 for the Obama campaign.

Clermont library settles lawsuit

Cincinnati Enquirer · January 8, 2009
By Barrett J. Brunsman · bbrunsman@enquirer.com

BATAVIA – The Clermont County Public Library has settled a lawsuit with a couple who were barred from holding a free financial planning seminar because they intended to quote the Bible.

George and Cathy Vandergriff of Pierce Township were paid $2. The Institute for Principled Policy, which joined them in the suit, received $1.

“We were never in it for the money,” George Vandergriff said Wednesday. “We are Christians, we believe in the Bible – that it’s God’s inerrant word – and we believe that everyone could profit from studying it.”…

Prompted by the suit, the library board voted in June to limit the use of meeting rooms to library programs. The 10-branch system’s old policy had allowed groups such as the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and other nonprofits to use meeting rooms, but it had prohibited the use of rooms for political, religious or social events.

Read the entire story here:  http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20090108/NEWS01/901080313/1168/NEWS0101