January 30, 2009

From the Desk of Phil Burress
President of Citizens for Community Values

Citizens’ E-Courier · January 30, 2009

H.R. 1:  A Package to Stimulate an Anti-Family Agenda

Not the change we were promised!

Repeatedly we have expressed concern about President Obama’s anti-family agenda. In our E-Courier of January 22, we directed you to the official Whitehouse Web site, where the Obama team unashamedly places furthering the holocaust of abortion and redefining the family high on the new administration’s list of Agenda priorities.

Many had hoped that the President’s radical social agenda would have to be placed on a back burner momentarily as he turned his attention first to the nation’s economic crisis.

Wishful thinking.

As we noted earlier this week, by the end of his first week President Obama already had rescinded the Mexico City Policy by executive order and thereby placed millions of taxpayers’ dollars in the hands of organizations that promote abortion as a method of population control in other countries.

More to the point, however, rather than allowing his so-called Economic Stimulus Package to postpone work on social issues, he has used that very package to further his social agenda by emphasizing funding of anti-family programs.

Thanks to public outcry brought about by media exposure of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s (D-California) vehement defense, President Obama was forced to strip from the package funds that he wanted to direct to family planning agencies (read: contraception and abortion).

Still, the $1.1 trillion package is loaded with pork projects that serve to jump-start his anti-family agenda.

Here are just a very few examples from H.R. 1’s hastily assembled 1,588 pages. (These examples are taken from a thorough analysis by Family Research Council’s Vice President of Governmental Affairs, Tom McClusky. To see his complete analysis, click here.)

  • $2.7 billion in NIH grants that would be targeted to, among other things, embryonic stem cell research.
  • The package halts funding of abstinence education programs while directing $335 million to STD education and prevention. (Examples of recent government expenditures in STD prevention include funding for a transgender beauty pageant in San Francisco and an event called “Got Love? – Flirt/Date/Score.”)
  • $4.19 billion designated for “neighborhood stabilization activities,” for which ACORN would be eligible.
  • $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts.
  • $150 billion for new federal spending in public education, more than doubling the Department of Education’s current budget. This is another giant step toward federalizing the education of our nation’s youth.
  • Billions to expand Medicaid for the poor, the uninsured, and the unemployed – yet another step toward universal health care.
  • $600 million for new “green”-friendly cars for government workers.
  • $10 million for bike and walking trails.

Erasing any doubt about the nature of this bill, the package actually includes $227 million to oversee the pork spending in the stimulus.

This bill is not about stimulating our economy.  And it certainly is not about “change” in Washington.

Economists across the nation have warned that this bill will do little to create jobs or in any other way stimulate our broken economy.

Sadly, H.R. 1 passed the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday by a vote of 244-188.

For congressmen to stand up against this bill, which is so destructive to the economic and moral fabric of our nation, meant subjecting themselves to criticism from their colleagues and to ridicule from the mainstream, liberal media. Eight of Ohio’s congressmen had the courage to take that stand.

If you are represented by one of the following members of Congress, by clicking on the link below you will be able to send him/her a message of thanks and encouragement:  Steve Austria (R-District 7), John Boehner (R-District 8), Jim Jordan (R-District 4), Steve LaTourette (R-District 14), Robert Latta (R-District 5), Jean Schmidt (R-District 2), Patrick Tiberi (R-District 12), and Mike Turner (District 3).

If your Representative in the U.S. House is not one of those listed above, by clicking again you will be able to send a message expressing your disappointment in his/her vote for a pork-laden, agenda-driven, destrucitve bill.

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