Another Hotel Profits Off Perversion – Contact Holiday Inn Today!

Columbus, OH Holiday Inn Hosts “Winter Wickedness” Perversion-Fest

Sexual extremism and brutality come to Middle America. Stop this public health hazard from occurring by contacting Holiday Inn today!

The Holiday Inn Columbus-Worthington, at 7007 North High Street in Columbus, OH is scheduled to host a freakish sadomasochistic perversion-fest called “Winter Wickedness” this Friday and Saturday, February 6-7.


  1. Click on the link at the bottom of this ACTION ALERT to send an e-mail directly to Holiday Inn’s corporate representatives. You can send a pre-written message or provide your own.
  2. Call the Holiday Inn Columbus-Worthington today at 614-436-0700 and urge them to cancel this event for the sake of the public health and morality. Tell them that is wrong to profit off of degrading and dangerous perversions that could present a health hazard to hotel workers or other guests.


NOTE TO READERS: We will spare you the gory details of this evil event inside this e-mail. But Peter LaBarbera at Americans For Truth has confirmed that the Holiday Inn Columbus-Worthington Hotel is hosting this sadomasochistic event appropriately called “Winter Wickedness” this Friday and Saturday. The weekend conference features classes on “gangbang” fantasies and various acts of sadomasochistic perversion and consensual sexualized violence, including subjecting fellow participants to fire play, hot wax torture, whipping, (knife) “cutting” and needles, and being stapled with an electric staple gun. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL STORY

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