President’s Obama’s Controversial Nominee for Deputy Attorney General Being Held up

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Any day now, the U.S. Senate is expected to vote on the confirmation of David Ogden to become Deputy Attorney General. Mr. Ogden has led a public and private legal career on representing views and companies that most Americans find repulsive. Need more on Ogden? Click here for a bio.

In his career he has argued against parents being notified that their 14-year old girl had an abortion, saying that “there is no qualitative . . . difference between minors . . . and adults.”

Mr. Ogden has also profited from representing pornographers and in attacking legislation designed to ban child pornography.

The Department of Justice should not have a porn lawyer as its Deputy Attorney General, a position tasked with making the most important decisions of the department. Now he is nominated to help enforce many of the very laws he has built a career upon attacking!

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