Butler County’s common-sense adoption policy under attack

Will commissioners do the right thing, or the “politically correct” thing?

Butler County Commissioners appear to be yielding to pressure to ignore both common sense and social science data, and change the county’s adoption policy in a way that will be detrimental to the best interests of children placed for adoption. Click the link below to ask them not to yield to liberal political correctness.

“It appears that Commissioners Chuck Furman and Greg Jolivette do not understand the advantage of an intact married family over a same-sex couple or any other arrangement when it comes to adoption. As a resident of Butler County I am extremely disappointed in these two elected officials.”
– Phil Burress, President, Citizens for Community Values

It is a truth confirmed by decades of social science data: The optimal environment for raising children is an intact married family. In every measured category, children raised in a family headed by both a loving father and mother fare better than those raised in any other environment. Their physical, mental, and emotional health is superior.

Given that universally recognized truth, common sense dictates that when placing children for adoption or foster care, the first option should be an intact married family.

Clearly, there are numerous examples of children raised successfully in something other than an intact married family. Many single parents, through hard work and with the support of loving friends and relatives, raise children who reach their full potential and become productive, well-adjusted members of society.

But ask any single mom how well she is able to replace the unique contribution of a loving father. Or ask any single dad how well he is able to replace the role of a loving mother. Can it be done? Sure it can in some circumstances. Is it harder? Of course it is. And it’s the exception, not the rule.

It’s common sense! An intact married family is always the best option!

But in the politically correct, liberal media world, common sense and social science don’t count — if they interfere with their anti-family agenda. What is in the best interest of children doesn’t count either.


When the common-sense adoption policy of the Butler County Children Services recently was made public, the ACLU, homosexual activists, and some in the media attacked that agency and its director, Michael Fox.

Here’s what the agency’s policy says:

“Butler County Children Services strongly supports adoption. The purpose of adoption is not to provide children for adults who want them, but to provide for children, families that give them the experience of intact married family life as much as possible. Notwithstanding this, Butler County Children Services recognizes that we do not have a sufficient number of adoptive families, and anyone who meets the state criteria is welcomed and encouraged to become an adoptive parent.”

“This is a summary of the county’s preferences for the adoption matching process, in order of preference: (1) relatives of the child, or someone who the birth mother designates as a potential adoptive parent for her child; (2) married couples; (3) foster parents; (4) other suitable adoptive parents.”

In other words, Butler County Children Services simply is saying that whenever possible, they’ll do what is best for the children. They’ll place them in a family environment where research shows that they’ll have the highest probability of success.

What’s best for the children clearly is not the concern of the ACLU and homosexual activists. They accused Fox of violating the “rights” of same-sex couples and single parents. Such lack of concern for the children is true to character for the ACLU and the activists whom they represent.

TAKE ACTION — for the sake of the children!

Sadly, at least two of Butler County’s three commissioners immediately caved into pressure from such sources.

Said Commissioner Charles “Chuck” Furmon, “It’s [this policy’s]not proper and, obviously, we don’t agree with it.”

And Commissioner Greg Jolivette said that there are too many other concerns to focus on something like an adoptive parent’s marital status or sexual preference.

How many children would the commissioners offer up on the altar of political correctness?

Please click the link below to ask all three Butler County Commissioners, County Administrator Tim Williams, and County Prosecutor Robin Piper to support Director Michael Fox in retaining an adoption policy that focuses on the best interests of children.

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