Proposed law would gut abstinence education in Ohio’s schools

First hearing scheduled tomorrow!

A bill that threatens the physical and emotional health of all Ohio public school students has been introduced in the Ohio Senate.

S.B. 59, deceptively titled the “Healthy Students Act,” will receive its first hearing in committee tomorrow, Tuesday March 24.

Introduced by Senator Theresa Fedor (D-Toledo), this bill proposes to remove from Ohio Revised Code a law, passed in 1999, establishing abstinence-until-marriage as the standard in sexually transmitted disease instruction in Ohio’s schools.

In the place of abstinence until marriage, S.B. 59 would establish what is known as “comprehensive sex education” as the standard in Ohio schools.

What is comprehensive sex education?

It is mandatory education that –

  • stresses condom use
  • is pro-abortion
  • treats homosexuality as normal
  • pays lip service to abstinence as one approach to the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases
  • concentrates on presumption and management of sexual activity

S.B. 59 will receive its first hearing in the Senate Education Committee tomorrow, March 24.

Please click the link below to send Sen. Gary Cates, Committee Chairman and Sen. Kirk Schuring, Vice-Chairman, a message encouraging them to vote AGAINST this damaging, unethical and medically inaccurate bill and to retain abstinence-until-marriage as the standard in Ohio law.

Here are some of the other features of the “Healthy Students Act.”

  • Beginning in the 7th grade, students would receive “sexually transmitted infection” instruction and contraceptive instruction. Information about local community resources for testing would be included – the type of testing that Planned Parenthood offers.
  • The bill would remove from the elected state school board final authority for student health responsibilities and place such responsibilities, including counseling, social services, etc. in the hands of a new department (unelected!) to be called the “Office of Healthy Schools.”
  • Speakers from outside agencies would be allowed in schools, opening the door to Planned Parenthood and pro-homosexual groups.

Like its title, the language of S.B. 59 is deceptive. According to the bill itself, one purpose of this legislation is to “(e)ncourage pupils to develop responsible decision-making skills as well as healthy attitudes and values about adolescent growth and development, body image, gender roles, sexual orientation, and healthy relationships.” (Section 3313.6011 B [3])

The question that we must ask is — who decides what constitutes a “healthy attitude” about sexual orientation and gender roles? If S.B. 59 becomes law, quite possibly the answer to that question could be Planned Parenthood, GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) or PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays).

Please click the link below to send the committee chairpersons your message before tomorrow’s meeting.

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