Homosexual activists take Prop 8 protest nationwide

Homosexual activists take Prop 8 protest nationwide

Web site invites intimidation, boycotts

To homosexual activists groups determined to redefine marriage and force acceptance of homosexual behavior on America, passage of California’s Proposition 8 in November by voters was a set-back. But those groups appear determined to make up that lost ground by expanding a campaign of intimidation and boycotts to nationwide proportions.

Of particular concern to pro-marriage and pro-family groups is a Web site that has been brought to their attention, the very existence of which seems to invite threats or actual acts of retribution against private citizens, companies and groups that donated to the pro-Prop 8 effort.

Eightmaps.com is a sophisticated Web site that gives any visitor easy access to the name and address of any person or organization, in any U.S. city, that made a contribution of any size to organizations that supported the pro-traditional-marriage Prop 8 campaign.

Passed by a majority of California voters on November 4, Proposition 8 embedded in the California constitution this definition of marriage: “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid and recognized in California.”

Securing those 14 words in California’s constitution became necessary after four activist judges on the California Supreme Court overturned Proposition 22 – the ballot measure by which 61 percent of California voters placed the identical definition in California state law in 2000.

The campaigns on both sides of the Prop 8 issue were among the most costly in history. A total of more that $70 million was raised, nearly evenly split between the two campaigns.

When the votes were counted and it was announced that a majority of Californians again had voted in favor of the traditional, Scriptural definition of marriage, shocked, anti-marriage activists organized disruptive protests all over the country. Reports of intimidation and bullying along protest routes were numerous.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest homosexual-rights political organization, immediately published a list of donors to the Prop 8 campaign, resulting in boycotts of businesses, defacing of church property, and disruption of church services. Long-time activist Cleve Jones has called for sustained protests and civil disobedience.

“This new Web site raises concern that the tactics of intimidation, threats and boycotts may expand and intensify,” said CCV’s president, Phil Burress.  “Such tactics epitomize the very qualities that they are so fond of accusing us of – hatred, bigotry and intolerance for anyone who stands in the way of their agenda. Their hope, no doubt, is to frighten potential donors away from supporting any future campaigns to protect the institution of marriage.”

Burress noted sadly that he has seen this kind of bullying influence some politicians. “Thankfully, we know many who don’t scare easily and are resolved to stand firm on principle.” Burress is committed to stand together with them.

Ron Prentice, director of California Family Council and chair of the ‘Yes on 8’ coalition, believes that such tactics may actually backfire.

“Nearly 100,000 individual donors gave to the campaign to place the traditional definition of marriage into California’s constitution,” reported Prentice. “Nearly 200,000 people walked door-to-door across the state for marriage. These people are not intimidated by the opposition’s intolerant antics; rather, they are more motivated than ever to protect man-woman marriage and mom-dad families.”

Burress was encouraged by Prentice’s report. “It’s good to hear that those who are on the right side are not cowering under the threats of intimidation. We stand with them with the same resolve. But let’s go the extra mile and pray for those who are engaging in these angry and hateful tactics,” he said.