Vote NO on a discriminatory bill – H.B. 176

A bill that discriminates, indoctrinates, and threatens religious freedom

Urge your representatives in the Ohio House and Senate to vote NO on H.B. 176


Jerry’s employer just advised him that he was being terminated, bringing an end to 23 years of faithful service. Sales were down; Jerry knew that. But the news still came as a shock.

Joe – who had been with the firm just a little over a year; whom Jerry, himself, had trained; and who had refused to share in the additional workload brought on by other layoffs – was being retained and trained to take Jerry’s place. And being in Human Relations, Jerry understood why.

Joe, you see, was “gay.” And under the new law, that meant that Joe could file suit against the company for discrimination against a “protected class.” Jerry didn’t have that advantage. And Jerry knew that the company couldn’t afford to fight Joe’s claim in court. Unlike Joe, Jerry had no recourse.


“Bubbly.” “Caring.” “Everything’s an adventure!” “Loves to learn.”

That’s how everyone had always described 10-year-old Maddie.

And Ellen couldn’t understand why, all of a sudden, her precious first-born had become moody and lifeless. Why day after day she woke up “not feeling like going to school.”

After a conference with Maddie’s teacher, Ellen began to understand. It started in health class, with the required reading of a story about a family with two daddies. When Maddie said that the story made her sad, because God wanted everyone to have a mommy and a daddy, her teacher explained that feelings like that were a form of prejudice, like the way people used to treat slaves. Now all her classmates make fun of her. “Homophobe,” they call her.


Hardly. Stories similar to these will become commonplace in Ohio if a bill currently under consideration in the Ohio House of Representatives is passed into law.

It has been given the deceptive title, “Equal Housing and Employment Act (EHEA).” But it has nothing to do with equality.

It is, in fact, about inequality and discrimination – discrimination against employers, property owners and all Ohioans who hold to traditional Judeo-Christian values regarding human sexuality, in order to grant special advantages to a small minority of persons, like Joe, who identify themselves by their “sexual orientation” or “gender identity.”

In Ohio we have a Civil Rights law, similar to the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, which protects certain classes of people from discrimination in matters of housing, employment and public accommodations. And rightly so! As a society we have said that certain persons should be protected against discrimination – based on their race, national origin, sex, and other unchangeable characteristics.

EHEA would add to that list of protected classes “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” You no doubt are familiar with the term “sexual orientation.” You might not be familiar with “gender identity,” which the bill defines as “the mannerisms or other gender-related characteristics of an individual with or without regard to the individual’s designated sex at birth.” These are commonly refered to as “transgendered,” “transvestites” or “crossdressers.”

Such classes do not belong in our civil rights laws!

Federal courts have clearly established three criteria – and all three of them must be in place – for a class of people to receive protected class status under civil rights law:

  1. They must be identified by an immutable, non-behavior based characteristic such as skin color, ethnicity, sex, etc.;
  2. They must have experienced a history of discrimination resulting in economic deprivation; and
  3. They must be politically powerless – that is, they must lack the ability to obtain meaningful political representation.

Persons who identify themselves by their “sexual orientation” or “gender identity” clearly do not meet any of these criteria.

Adding to the bill’s potential for injustice and discrimination is another provision of the proposed law. It charges Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC) with the responsibility of collecting and monitoring “Affirmative Action Programs” to insure that state agencies and political subdivisions actively pursue persons who identify themselves as belonging to one of the new “protected classes.”

That’s blatant reverse discrimination!

What does this have to do with Maddie?

Under the proposed law the OCRC also is charged with working with the Ohio Department of Education to prepare a comprehensive educational program for all public school students that is designed to eliminate prejudice on the basis of most of the covered classes and to emphasize the origin of prejudice against those groups.

Maddie’s sad story illustrates the purpose and effect of such programs. The purpose is to normalize behaviors and gender roles that are contrary to the deeply held religious beliefs that many parents strive to instill in their children. The inevitable effect is that students, like Maddie, who believe that homosexual behaviors are contrary to their religious teaching – or that a mommy and a daddy are better than two daddies – would have to remain silent or risk being criticized, ostracized, bullied or penalized.

Yet in the name of political correctness, this outrageous bill was voted out of committee and sent to the full House of Representatives for consideration.

Please click the link below to send your representative in the Ohio House a message insisting that they vote NO on a bill that –

  • Discriminates against all Ohioans who do not identify themselves by certain distorted sexual orientations or by their gender identity…
  • Bars Ohio business owners and property owners from making decisions based on their deeply held religious beliefs…
  • And forces indoctrination of public school children in a belief system that is opposed to the teaching of most major religions.

Tell them to vote NO on H.B.176!

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