Tyrone Yates’ amendment proposal is out of sync with Ohio, the nation

Legislator seeks to repeal Ohio’s Marriage Protection Amendment

Proposal shows Tyrone Yates to be out of sync with Ohio, the nation

Five years ago Ohioans – by a 24-point margin – approved an amendment that embedded the truth of marriage, as the union of one man and one woman only, in their state constitution, placing it out of the reach of agenda-driven, activist judges.

To date, similar constitutional amendments protecting marriage have been placed on the ballot for popular vote in 31 states.

In all 31, those amendments passed, most by substantial margins.

The most recent such vote occurred just last week in Maine, where voters went to the polls to repeal a law that would have allowed same-sex partners to wed.

Polls confirm what the voters have expressed: the majority of Americans understand the importance of honoring the truth of marriage as the union of one man and one woman only.

Tyrone Yates, representing Ohio’s 33rd House district, which includes parts of greater Cincinnati, doesn’t get it…or doesn’t care.

Pursuing a pro-homosexual-rights agenda that has marked his career,Yates on Tuesday introduced a resolution (HJR 7) to place an amend menton Ohio’s ballot that would repeal the Marriage Protection Amendment of 2004.

A three-fifths vote of each chamber of the Ohio Legislature would be required to put such an amendment on the ballot. Such a vote would be, as Jim Siegel wrote in today’s Cincinnati Enquirer, a “long shot.”

Long shot or not…serious threat or not…the voters of Ohio should be incensed at the introduction of a resolution which…

  • Disregards the Biblical truth of one man, one woman marriage; AND
  • Disregards the expressed will of the people of Ohio.

Just last week we advised thatthis same Yates introduced to the Ohio House a bill, HB 293, that would violate the conscience rights of many pro-life medical professionals,that would force Ohio taxpayers to subsidize abortion services, and that would abolish life-saving abstinence education programs.

Please click the link below to let your representative know that you are outraged by Tyrone Yates’ proposal, HJR 7, which flies in the face of the expressed will of the people of Ohio, and which strikes at the institution that has been the foundation of every thriving society since the beginning of civilization. Let your representative know that representing you means voting NO on the Yates resolution.

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Please click the link below to express your disapproval of Tyrone Yates’ resolution.