Warning: Who is Kevin Jennings?

CCV calls on Ohio school officials to beware of wolf in sheep’s clothing

Cincinnati—Citizens for Community Values (CCV), a family policy education organization officially associated with the Family Research Council, the American Family Association, and Focus on the Family as an Ohio Family Policy Council, calls on Ohio public school officials to raise questions about today’s presentation to the Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management by Kevin Jennings, assistant deputy Secretary for Safe and Drug Free Schools in the Obama administration.

The event will host Jennings in front of over 200 school administrators, teachers and counselors. Jennings’ presentation is supposed to be focused on safe school and healthy learning environments. Jennings’ history as a radical homosexual activist and founder and president of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), and his commitment to normalizing deviant sexual behavior to children, make this presentation one that CCV feels Ohio school professionals should avoid.

“We strongly believe that Ohio’s schools should be places where learning happens, not where particular agendas are advanced” stated Phil Burress, president of CCV. “Jennings’ agenda is one that CCV has paid particular attention to since the “Teach Out” controversy, where GLSEN sought to normalize deviant sexual practices in a graphic way to children. There is nothing safe or healthy in the agenda of GLSEN, and we believe that Ohio educators and administrators should be fully informed before embracing this message.”

CCV has posted resources on our website, www.ccv.org to help explain the concerns related to GLSEN and the legal consequences of homosexuality education in the schools. We would encourage all Ohio public school officials to carefully consider this information in light of Kevin Jennings’ past (Read: Why Homosexual Activist Kevin Jennings Is Not Fit for the Department of Education).