Ohio Senate Passes Bill to Prohibit Radical Medical Experimentation

An update from Columbus and a minute of your time to take action

June 2, 2010—The Ohio Senate on Wednesday voted to approve legislation which would ban the creation, transportation or receipt of human-animal hybrids, the latest in a long line of ethical-boundary-stretching research by scientists. Substitute Senate Bill 243, sponsored by Rep. Stephen Buehrer of Delta, was adopted by a vote of 24-8.

The bill would prohibit the creation, transport or receiving of animal-human hybrids, whether it be a human embryo placed in a non-human subject, a non-human embryo placed in a human being, or a laboratory creation of part human-part animal creatures for research purposes. Violations of the ban would come with a five year prison sentence and fines if the product of the experimentation was sold for pecuniary benefit.

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