Call to Action: War on Illegal Pornography

In March of 2011, a united group of citizens helped move nearly half of the U.S. Senate and 75 Representatives to sign a letter that demanded Attorney General Eric Holder prosecute illegal hardcore adult pornography. (Read the letter here.)

Since then, Attorney General Holder has gone before the U.S. Senate and House Judiciary committees regarding his management of the Department of Justice. To help make sure he understands that the American public has had enough of the harm from pornography, please call on him, the nation’s top law enforcement official, to enforce U.S. laws against illegal porn.   (Learn more about the laws here.)

Porn Harms! And much of the available pornography is illegal under U.S. federal laws. We saw in the past that when the DOJ prosecuted major producers and distributors, there was a decrease in pornography availability. Respectfully ask that they prosecute again!

Please call the Attorney General’s office directly at 1-877-354-2951 and use the following talking points:

1) Porn harms children, adults and society.
2) You are disappointed he shut down all prosecution against adult pornographers.
3) You would like him to vigorously prosecute violators!