Clermont County’s Deja Vu Strip Bar Will Close on December 31

What do sexually-oriented businesses offer your neighborhood? Decreased property values, increased crime, and urban blight–along with the degradation of women and children, the connection with sexual trafficking, and the breakdown of families.

With these longstanding, proven effects of sexually-oriented businesses in mind, we gratefully announce that the Deja Vu strip bar will close its doors at the end of this month. We attribute this step to the Community Defense Act (CDA) and the vigilence of local residents, Clermont County Prosecutor Don White, and Union Township trustees and police. Please read Clermont County’s press release here and be encouraged!

Citizens for Community Values and citizens throughout Ohio have worked tirelessly to see the CDA upheld and enforced, and over 100 sexually-oriented businesses have closed in the past five years. We want to see your property value increase, your neighborhood crime decrease, and urban blight become a distant memory! Please click here if you would like to contribute a year-end gift to fortify Ohio’s families and ensure the CDA’s continued success.