IMPORTANT: 30 Day Action Plan to Defeat the BSA Resolution

Dear Scouting Friend,

Last Friday we learned that the BSA resolution which was proposed by national BSA leaders was not just bad.  It was really bad.  The proposal did not even give to each troop 1boyscouta choice on the matter but instead mandates that all chartered scouting units facilitate open homosexuality among boy scouts, disrespecting thousands of chartering partner churches and their religious convictions.  These denominations like the Methodists, the Catholics and Baptists have been the backbone of Scouting for decades and there is simply no way they can embrace this proposal.

The good news is this:  I am very optimistic this resolution can and will be defeated.  Because if the resolution does pass, it will destroy scouting as we know it because of a mass exodus of tens if not hundreds of thousands of parents, scoutmasters and donors.

Below are three opportunities to engage in our plan of action.   Initially, we need people immediately willing to lead and organize local meeting in your council.  Later, we will need everyone and anyone to show support.  Please carefully review the opportunities below and respond ASAP.   The time is short and we have only about 30 days to save scouting from financial, social and legal devastation.

Thanks for all your efforts to preserve Scouting’s timeless values.

John Stemberger, Founder

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