Is This “Anti-Discriminatory” Legislation? You Decide!

photo shuttlesworth-abernathy-kingOn the front page of our September, 2013 Citizens Courier we wrote an article informing you about HB-163 and SB-125,  two pieces of legislation that have been presented in the Ohio House and Senate. The bills seek to include sexual orientation and gender identity under the same protected class as race, gender, and age in regards to anti-discriminatory laws. While this may seem harmless on paper, the effect of these laws if enacted, pose a great threat to religious freedom. This is not a scare tactic; this is the reality of what we already see occurring in states that have passed similar types of legislation.

In 1993, Fred Shuttlesworth spoke out against a law similar to HB-163 and SB-125 in a TV commercial.  You won’t find anyone who can speak with more authority on the issue of Civil Rights than Fred Shuttlesworth and we would do well to heed his advice on HB-163 and SB-125.