Is Polygamy a Consequence of the Redefinition of Marriage?

polygamy-340x170Our friends at Family Research Council have responded to the news over the weekend of a federal court striking down a part of Utah’s law against polygamy. As FRC President Tony Perkins addresses, this issue is connected to homosexual activists’ campaign to redefine marriage. Click here to read FRC’s press release.

Is polygamy a natural outgrowth of the campaign for “marriage equality?” Once you redefine marriage with an arbitrary new definition, how do you logically and legally prevent polygamy and other relationships from gaining the same recognition? As this ruling in Utah reveals, redefinition of marriage leads down a perilous slippery slope.

As Andrew T. Walker of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission so aptly writes, “Critics of the sexual liberation movement, and in particular, same-sex marriage, have long conjectured that redefining marriage to include same-sex persons would open the door to further revision. Once the norms of marriage are based on undefined and vague conceptions of “liberty” and “equality” without addressing the substantive issues of defining what marriage is, marriage can no longer be said to be fixed, but elastic and subject to the demands of democratic fiat.”

Phil Burress