Update on Friday’s Terrible News


We were deeply saddened and disgusted to hear the news Friday that an Ohio judge granted a legal “stay” to the Sharonville abortion clinic, infamous for being one of several run by partial-birth-abortion leader Martin Haskell. The clinic, located only a few blocks from CCV’s office, has been ordered to shut down by the state of Ohio for violations of health and safety standards and failure to achieve a transfer agreement with a hospital. This “stay” allows the clinic to remain open, perpetrate abortions, and continue to operate outside of the law until court proceedings process and run their course.

Paula Westwood is Executive Director of Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati. Over the weekend, she published a summary of this news on Ohio Conservative Review. We encourage you to go to: http://ohioconservativereview.com/2014/02/01/cincinnati-partial-birth-abortion-mill-granted-legal-stay/ to find and read:

  • A  Copy of the Court Document for Stay of Execution, 1/31/14:
  • A Press Release from Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati
  • A Revealing Affadavit  from Prominent Partial-Birth Abortion Doctor Martin Haskell
  • An OCR Article by Paula Westwood from June about Martin Haskell and his abortion clinics in Ohio.
  • A link to Paula’s radio interview on this subject from Sunday’s segment of the Bryan Williams Radio Hour
Please pray that the court proceedings would indeed affirm the need to shut down this abortion mill in order to protect the health of Cincinnati women and save countless lives.