CCV IN THE NEWS: Ohio Same-Sex Marriage Groups Allude to Real Agenda

Pay attention to the words we have bolded in the Columbus Dispatch article in which CCV’s Phil Burress is quoted. Michael Premo, the campaign manager sent in from New Jersey for Equality Ohio’s “Why Marriage Matters” campaign, has just alluded to their true beliefs about religious freedom: an inconvenient obstruction in the way of their agenda.

The campaign to legalize same-sex marriage is not just about same-sex marriage; it’s also about undermining religious freedom and eventually even forcing churches (“religious institutions”) to perform same-sex marriages.

Tuesday, you read Joseph Backholm’s article about what’s transpiring in Washington state after they legalized same-sex marriage. Before Christmas, you read about how same-sex marriage activists turned on and tried to kill religious protections once they had enough votes in New Jersey. You’ve read the Undeniable stories about attacks on religious freedom.

You’ve seen where Americans who disagree with homosexual behavior or activities (like same-sex wedding ceremonies) are being forced to violate their beliefs or face punishment by the State. Now we’re getting an indication of what same-sex marriage could mean for people of faith, small businesses, religious schools, even pastors and churches right here in Ohio.