Huge Victory For Freedom – Compliments of Mississippi

Great News: The Mississippi State House and State Senate has passed a Religious Freedom Restoration Act:

This is a victory for all who love freedom for all Americans. You will recall that similar bills in Arizona and Ohio, modeled after the federal 1993 RFRA, were derailed earlier this year in the midst of hysteria fostered by “deeply misleading” lies from same-sex marriage activists, liberal politicians, and their allies in the mainstream media. We applaud Mississippi’s courage to stand up for the facts and basic rights of all citizens. As President Clinton said when he signed the Federal RFRA into law in 1993, “This law basically says that the government should be held to a very high level of proof before it interferes with someone’s free exercise of religion.” It’s our sincere hope that other states and their legislators will stand up for unalienable human rights of speech and religious liberty of all Americans. Be Encouraged – Freedom and truth will win out over deception and intolerance! And CCV will continue to lead the way to promote, protect, and defend religious freedom in Ohio. 

Our friends at Family Research Council released this statement Tuesday night applauding leadership in Mississippi: [READ MORE…]