MUST SEE VIDEO- What Happened AFTER Same-Sex Marriage was Legalized in Washington State

Joseph Backholm Speaks At CCV Banquet About Religious Freedom in Washington State 

Joseph Backholm is the Executive Director of the Family Policy Institute of Washington state. Recently, Mr. Backholm spoke at CCV’s 31st Annual Banquet on April 29, 2014. This 26 minute video must be watched by everyone who cares about Religious Freedom. Similar stories are being told in other states where same-sex marriage has been legalized. Listen to what Joseph says about the consequences of the combination of same-sex marriage and ENDA bills.

It’s clear that homosexual activists are not satisfied with legalizing same-sex marriage. Whether it’s the grandmother in Washington State (Joseph tells her story in the video) being sued for not participating in a same-sex wedding or Brendan Eich being forced out of his job at Mozilla Firefox for a past donation to the California Prop 8 campaign, you are seeing that people are being forced to pay a price for dissenting from the homosexual agenda worldview. This is the direct antithesis of the “live and let live” mantra and the American ideal of pluralism and freedom of religion that allows people to lovingly agree to disagree on differing beliefs and lifestyle.  As people learn that the campaign to legalize same-sex marriage is connected to forcing people to violate their religion, beliefs, or conscience, the campaign to legalize same-sex marriage is losing support.

Please also note Joseph’s attitude, tone (he presents truth in a grace-filled manner), and inspiring conclusion.  Please forward this video on to your email list, Facebook groups, and networks.