This is Outrageous!

Rev. Bill Dunfee, pastor at New Life Beginnings Ministries, is a man of courage who is currently under attack. For years, Pastor Dunfee and many members of his church have been standing and praying outside the Fox Hole Strip Bar in Coshocton, Ohio. Tom George, the strip bar owner who is behind this effort (read AP report), also operates another strip bar in Zanesville, Ohio. CCV has been told by credible reports that Ohio law – the Community Defense Act that requires sex businesses to close between midnight and six o’clock in the morning – is not being enforced by local authorities at either location.

Why is the law not being enforced?

Also, how is going topless in public not a violation of the harmful-to-minors law?

I have personally stood and prayed with Pastor Dunfee outside of the Fox Hole Strip Bar. I witnessed men, who originally came to the strip bar, decide instead to pray with Pastor Dunfee, accept Jesus Christ, and then get back in their cars and drive home to their family. It was incredible. Please pray for Pastor Dunfee and his courageous church members. The topless women say they will be back again next Sunday. Please also pray for the men that frequent these clubs, pray that they would see deliverance and freedom from sexual addiction and pornography. Please pray that these young ladies would leave this lifestyle that exploits and objectifies them. And please pray that Mr. George would have a change of heart. We will keep you up-to-date on our plans to assist the church; for right now, please pray for all involved.  Blessings, Phil