The Supreme Court redefines marriage – please pray!

On June 26th, 2015 the Supreme Court has made its decision:  Ruling 5-4, the court says that same-sex marriage is now a “right.”

The US Supreme Court has determined that same sex unions are legal in all fifty states.  And that all states must recognize each other’s same-sex unions.

Americans of faith must prepare for the inevitable: the further erosion of our precious, God-given and constitutionally guaranteed religious liberty. As sexual freedom increasingly trumps religious freedom, you and I, and everyone who believes in God’s definition of marriage must expect to be targeted.

Those who oppose our Biblical view of marriage will now try to silence us on this and other matters of religious conscience.

This ruling isn’t a surprise. You see, Citizens for Community Values has been preparing for this for some time. Along with our in-state allies, and National Partners, CCV has been working hard to protect religious freedom.

But so much more depends on all of us joining forces together.

And that’s why I’m asking you to once again stand with Citizens for Community Values, our local and national alliances, as well as believers nationwide.

When you give, you’ll bring effective bills to a vote. And then at exactly the right moment, you’ll rally hundreds of like-minded Americans in key districts to pour calls in to their legislators.

And at election time, candidates who do not support life AND marriage will be called out and opposed at the ballot box!

Every $50 you give online now will equip 100 pro-family citizens to support and protect religious freedom.

Will you stay with us in the struggle for religious liberty?

Will you stand with Americans of faith all across this great nation for a future where your children and grandchildren are free to live their lives and run their businesses according to their faith?

I pray your answer will be an enthusiastic “Yes!”