Help support North Carolina!

As you know, last Wednesday evening NC Gov. McCrory signed into law a bill that ensures men cannot go into women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers because these settings are limited to persons of the same biological sex.  It also clarifies that the state, not local cities and municipalities, is responsible for enacting new laws regulating and impacting commerce to avoid a patchwork of confusing local employment laws that would be harmful to commerce, labor, and trade in the state.  An incredible victory!

Unsurprisingly, the pushback and threats from large corporations (American Airlines, Bank of America, etc.) and the NBA has been intense.  It has been a significant blessing that the usually squishy Governor continues to stay strong and bold on his decision to sign this law.  However, he needs support and encouragement—his office has informed us that he is getting nervous.  To that end, I have two requests:

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