CCV 33rd Annual Spring Partnership Banquet was a Hugh Success


Keynote Speaker
Mr. David Barton

The theme of the 33rd Annual Spring Partnership Banquet was “An Election that will Change History”. The Honorable Bob McEwen served as Master of Ceremony, Historian and author David Barton laid out exactly what is at stake in the November 8, 2016 election.  Mr. Barton warned what could happen if just one more liberal U.S. Supreme Court Justice is permitted to take Justice Scalia’s seat.  We already have four Supreme Court Justices that ignore the U.S. Constitution. He also pointed out why Thomas Jefferson is detested by the left. CCV has enjoyed many wonderful banquet speakers since our founding 33 years ago, but at no time did anyone give a more timely speech than David Barton.  We urge to listen to his speech by clicking here.