Did you see our op-ed on Kasich & Heartbeat in the Enquirer?

Gov. Kasich’s veto of the Heartbeat Bill was incredibly disappointing. While we’re grateful for the other pro-life bills the governor has signed, this was an opportunity to save thousands.

Citizens for Community Values President Aaron Baer has an editorial in Cincinnati Enquirer today on the Heartbeat Bill from a Christian perspective:

For policy makers – especially policy makers who believe that every life bears the image of God – this heavenly-minded discussion and eternal perspective should always be on their minds.

That’s why the governor’s veto of the “heartbeat bill” is especially tragic. When presented the opportunity to save thousands of lives with the stroke of a pen, he passed.

There’s no denying that prohibiting abortion once a heartbeat is detected (generally around 6 weeks) would have put Ohio at the forefront of abortion policy making. But when you tune out the rhetoric, look at the facts, and recognize that every year in Ohio thousands of heartbeats are cut off because of abortion, there can be no doubt that the right thing to do – especially for a Christian – was to support this bill.

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