Action Alert: Look what our lawmakers are trying to sneak in the budget…

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Ohio Lawmakers Bait and Switch Voters, Trying to
Nearly Triple Number of Casinos in Ohio

Statement from Citizens for Community Values President Aaron Baer


COLUMBUS – “Buried deep inside the 4,503 page proposed budget is one line that undercuts the voters by nearly tripling the number of casinos in Ohio. It also opens up the state to litigation for violating what the voters put in the Constitution.


Sponsored by Rep. Ryan Smith, this budget provision fundamentally subverts what the voters approved in 2009 when they permitted the limited expansion of gambling with the establishment of 4 casinos in Ohio.


The proposed budget allows the 7 racinos in Ohio to now offer more gambling in the form of video poker. Let’s be clear, by putting this significant expansion of gambling into the budget, some lawmakers are attempting to sneak one by their constituents.


The voters defeated the expansion of gambling 4 times – and ultimately only approved it on a limited basis. Not only would it be unethical to expand gambling in this way, it is possibly unconstitutional.


We ask Speaker Rosenberger to do the right thing, and pull this unnecessary provision from the budget.”


See page number 1,853 (top right corner) to view the proposed provision:


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